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Melanie Luckes

I have worked with a huge number of patients over the last 18 years and have loved every minute of it. Time and time again it has never ceased to amaze me how clever the human body is at becoming well again, when given the right building blocks and support.

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A dedication to knowledge


From 1996 to the present day, I have worked hard to amass as much knowledge and experience as possible to best equip me to help my patients. I built up a practice in Bristol and then Harley Street, London.

My professional qualifications and memberships, with links to their details, are listed here.



Nutritional Therapist. (DipION)
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Homeopath. (LicHom)
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Medical Herbalist (Bsc hons)
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Institute For Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner
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Royal Society of Medicine
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National Institute of Medical Herbalists
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Institute for Functional Medicine
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Qualified Chef.
NVQ 1 + 2 Food preparation.
Trained by Anne Nicholls, Bonne Bouche Cookery School, Devon.

Meditation Teacher.
Spent over 15 years developing with Lee Everett-Alkin, Obsidian College.

Between the age of 13 and 23 I lost my Mother, three grandparents and nearly my Father. This had a profound affect on me.

My Story

Why I trained in healthcare

When I was 13 my grandfather Arthur Luckes died suddenly of a heart attack. His son, my Father, also had one not long after. He was just 39 years old and I was with him the day it happened. Thankfully he survived, but his recovery was slow and he’s on medication to this day.

Three years later my Mother, who had spent her whole life battling anorexia and many other health issues, went into hospital for 5 years. She had numerous surgeries and was put on a huge cocktail of drugs. She committed suicide to escape. She was only 43.

A few years later my Mother’s father died of cancer and then my paternal grandmother of heart disease.

Losing my Mother and grandparents was absolutely devastating and had a profound effect on me. The grief, stress and trauma really took its toll on my physical and mental health during my twenties. But it also left me with a desire to understand why they had become so sick and what could have been done to prevent it.

I was desperate to get well again, and get my life back.

Changing careers

Chronic fatigue stopped me in my tracks

I had graduated with a degree in Land Economics and was working as a Surveyor in London. I was an Officer in the Territorial Army –  Royal Engineers, having gone to Sandhurst Military Academy and gained a commission. I worked hard in the week, had a busy social life and was often on exercise at the weekend with my Squadron.

Since Sixth Form I had began to develop all sorts of niggling symptoms which I ignored, or took over the counter medication for, combined with low grade depression over the loss of my Mother. However by my mid twenties I developed full blown chronic fatigue and was forced to give up my life in London; my job, my social life and the TA.

I was desperate to get well again, and get my life back. I went to my GP and tried various therapies to little effect. It wasn’t until I began working with a Nutritionist that I began to get some answers as to why I had such crippling fatigue, and what I could do about it. This inspired a complete career change and further boosted my life long quest for knowledge.

It took time, but I regained my health and went on to start my own family. However highly stressful periods in my life have caused the fatigue to creep back, but every time I have used my knowledge and worked with some great natural medicine therapists and got through it.

Over the years I have used my knowledge to ensure my children and I stay healthy and strong, determined we will live long and happy lives.

West Sussex, 2016

Help others

Share your story

My experiences have led me to want to help others with their health problems. By setting up Luckes I hope to do this.

I would love to hear about your health journey and how natural medicine has helped you. Feel free to email me with your experience and I may ask if I can write about you in my blog. By sharing our stories we can inspire and motivate others to make positive changes. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Are you looking for help?

If you are only at the beginning of your health journey then come in and speak to us, book onto an event run by our Health School or make an appointment for a one to one consultation with myself or one of my wonderful fellow practitioners. We are here to help.

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