69 North Street, Chichester

Luckes Café-Deli

Chichester's favourite healthy eating spot!

Luckes was set up 3 years ago by Chef-Nutritionist Melanie Luckes, whose aim was, and still is, to make it easier to eat delicious healthy food. The cafe on North St has become a hugely popular destination for breakfast and lunch, with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. It came second in the Chichester Observer’s Cafe of the Year Award 2019.

Vegetables & Fruits

Why eat a diet rich in fruit & veg?

Vegetables and fruits are THE most important part of a healthy diet, because they are the source of nearly every nutrient the body needs for optimum function.

Eating them increases energy, prevents chronic illnesses, promotes an alkaline pH and helps rebuild your cells so they strong and healthy.

We rarely eat enough fresh fruit and veg daily, so this is where the salads, soups, smoothies and juices sold by Luckes are so handy. Would you be able to eat 4 leaves of kale, a large cucumber, a bunch of parsley, a head of lettuce, two apples a lemon and a piece of ginger in one sitting? Probably not, but you can drink it in a single glass of juice, smoothie or soup.

The bottom line is the more fresh vegetables and fruits you consume, the lower your risk of becoming ill, and you’ll look and feel so much better too. Guaranteed !

Luckes Raw Juices

Juicing - The key to your good health

Drinking a raw juice is a great way to fast track the delivery of superfoods into your bloodstream.

The process extracts the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, chlorophyll, enzymes and phytochemicals from the fruits and vegetables in a liquid form. By removing the soluble fibre, your body can absorb these nutrients almost instantly, and by removing the insoluble fibre you’re outsourcing the job of digestion to your juicer and giving your overworked digestive system a break, while offering an intravenous drip of nutrition straight to your cells.

When you drink a fresh juice, your body is able to assimilate the nutrients within 15 minutes, compared to solid food which may take over 2 hours to get to your cells.

Nutrition is served

Luckes Superfood Smoothies & Soups

Smoothies are a different delicious way to get an injection of nutrients into your body.

They are more filling because they retain the fibre from the vegetables and fruits and have additional superfood ingredients. The fibre is important for maintaining healthy digestion and helps avoid an unwanted insulin spike.

By blitzing the ingredients into a near liquid, they become far easier to digest than a normal meal, but can keep you feeling fuller longer.

Smoothies make a great snack, breakfast or lunch replacement. Soups are essentially a cooked vegetable smoothie with fibre rich ingredients like lentils, which can’t be put in a smoothie. They are particularly good in Winter when your body needs warm cooked foods and less raw foods. The soups at Luckes also contain a lot of warming and immune boosting herbs and spices, such as garlic, ginger, turmeric, cumin, coriander, black pepper and more.

Luckes Salads are special

Superfood Salads

Our salads are carefully devised by Melanie to have a balance of flavour, texture and nutrition. As a total foodie, Melanie loves to experiment with different top quality seasonal ingredients. She believes eating a good salad should be both a pleasure and a way of ensuring you eat a wide variety of nutritious ingredients in one meal. In the Summer the salads on offer at Luckes are predominantly raw and in the Winter a lot of the ingredients cooked, to ensure they are in sync with the seasons.

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