Grocery Delivery

Order Monday-Friday by 5pm for next day delivery (bread orders must be by 12pm for next day and on Friday for Monday). Weekend orders delivered Monday. Minimum order value £20.


Fresh Deli Products

Melanie Luckes, Chef-Nutritionist, has created a delicious range of chilled deli products. They are handmade by the chefs at Luckes, using fresh ingredients, locally sourced where possible and all preservative and additive free. The majority of the products are also gluten free and low sugar/salt.

It’s a small range for now while we get into the swing of things, but we have plans to increase the number of products hugely over the next few weeks and months. If you have any requests or suggestions email Melanie at

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Deli Tubs

Salads, Sauces, Dips, Pesto and more

At Luckes we have become renowned for the huge platters of salads we create every day. You can now buy single  deli tubs of these 250g and 450g.

Our three most popular salads will always be available: Greek Beetroot Salad, Healthy Slaw and our Classic Greek Salad. A further 2-3 different salads will be created daily to keep things interesting!

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Kebabs for The Grill or BBQ

Oven-Ready Dishes

Each week we will offer different fresh, oven-ready dishes, and in a week or two tarts and quiches.   We now also have fresh kebabs – meat, vegetarian and vegan, for you to grill or BBQ.

All of these will go beautifully with our salads now available in deli tubs.

As we work out what is popular we will stick with the favourites and introduce new recipes. So do give us feedback and ideas of what you like please at:

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The Hungry Guest Bakery

Order Freshly Baked Bread

The Hungry Guest Artisan bakery produces wonderful fresh bread daily just outside Chichester. They use traditional methods and additive free ingredients.

Their bread was hugely popular in our cafe in our breakfast and lunch menu, so we thought it would be lovely for you to have it at home.

Everything you order will have been baked the morning of your delivery. This is why orders have to be in by 12pm for next day delivery.

Their bread keeps fresh for two days, is great for toasting on the third day and freezes beautifully.

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Organic Milk & Cream

From The Goodwood Estate

Goodwood's herd of 200 milking cows are mostly Dairy Shorthorns, a breed which originated in the 16th century, the best milking cow of its time. The milk, which is non-homogenised, tastes just like milk used to as it retains all of its good fat particles. Deliciously rich and creamy, Goodwood organic milk is available as whole, semi-skimmed and skimmed and is processed on their farm, together with their cream. We only use this milk at Luckes, making our coffee hugely popular.

Wonderful Local Ice cream from

Caroline's Dairy

Caroline’s Dairy is based on their Farm in Selsey, West Sussex. Their award-winning luxury ice cream is hand-made in small batches using only milk from their dairy herd. Their dairy team combine this with the best natural ingredients and locally produced fruit to make over 20 delicious flavours, ensuring there is something to tickle all taste buds! Their gluten free, vegan sorbets are also made in small quantities to ensure they deliver the highest quality and tastiest flavours around.


Nutbourne Tomatoes

Nutbourne tomatoes are really special; some say they are possibly the best tomatoes in Britain… They taste very, very good and are grown pesticide free, using biological pest control.  Bees pollinate the tomatoes and blight is avoided by the mammoth winter task of completely stripping and scrubbing out the glasshouses every winter to ensure no mould builds up in the cold months.  This means the crops are generally consistently fabulous quality through careful management rather than resorting to chemical treatments, something very important to us at Luckes.

Gary and Jenny have been growing tomatoes at Nutbourne since 1978.  Every year they introduce some new varieties and usually grow around 30 different tomatoes – diversely different in taste, size, colour and acidity. We select the best 4-5 varieties to make up a mixed retail bag for you to purchase.

Top Quality Eggs

Hallgate Farm

Hallgate Farm near Petworth, have the most wonderful flock of happy, healthy free range hens. Their eggs are used by many high end restaurants and cafes locally, including ourselves, because they are simply the best quality around. With deep golden yolks, we find they poach and scramble beautifully, make for rich moist cakes, and flavoursome quiches and frittata.

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